Ershad’s is one of the leading pest management companies in the United States. New York City is the premier location for a pest control company, and Ershad’s is the best of the bunch.

Developing strong results for his clients is how Josh rose to prominence in the industry. He will not present a potential solution until it is well researched and thoroughly tested. Throughout the pest management process, Josh is dedicated to giving his clients a real understanding of what they need to do to prevent re-infestation. Some of the services Ershad’s offers are listed below:

Monthly Pest Control Treatment


When there is a known condition for infestation by a particular species, Ershad’s is the best prevention. The service includes organic or traditional chemical treatment that will keep the known pest from re-invading the home or business.

Home and business monthly treatment customers also enjoy a specialized retreat policy that helps keep the two-week blues away! Clients love to see the Ershad’s truck pull up to do the monthly service because every time, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Occasional Treatments


When there is not a known situation, but the home or business owner would like to ensure that the pests stay well away from their property, seasonal treatment can help the pests find other places to live!

Roughly quarterly, and in line with seasonal temperature changes, the pest control specialists at Ershad’s will come to visit with thorough and well documented plans to treat for area pests and potential invaders!

Pest Removal


Sometimes an unwelcome visitor comes! Ershad’s is skilled, certified and equipped to remove rodents, snakes and other reptiles, and invasive pests of any nature from a property.

This is sometimes a multi-step job, and it’s helpful if the homeowner realizes that there is a need for a return visit. This settles expectations. Additional service charges for humane removal apply, but are encouraged.

Organic and Chemical Free Treatments

Ershad’s is the leading provider of chemical free treatments in the New York City area. See our partners in Columbus, Bed Bug Columbus Removal Team