Ershad’s is dedicated to the elimination of pests that constrain the healthy enjoyment of reasonable human activities. We use the best products in the business to keep the pests at bay. Dedicated to keeping the earth safe while ensuring human enjoyment, Ershad’s has pioneered the chemical free treatment process for various pests.

Nuvan Strips

product1The bed bug outbreak has been an opportunity for Ershad’s to handle different and exciting chemicals. There are great ways to keep the products in the home, particularly soft goods. Ershad’s recommends and uses Nuvan Strips to maintain the safety of stuffed animals, soft blankets and pillows.

Keeping the hard items in a household clear of bed bugs is the act of the treatment professional. Disassembling the beds and nightstands and other furniture in the area of sleeping humans is one trick to keeping the bed bugs from coming back after treatment.

In particularly stubborn infestations, Ershad’s technicians have been known to dismantle baseboards and wood floors. This helps to eliminate the hiding places where bed bugs can be known to live.

Encasements by Mattress Safe

For larger soft goods like mattresses, Ershad’s uses Encasements by Mattress Safe. This helps to keep the largerproduct2 dollar investments of the customer safe.  Infested garments and bed clothes or items that are in question are to be treated in hot water, at least one hundred twenty degrees. There are bed bug monitor traps that can be placed in infected areas so that future dealings with bed bugs are easily detected.

Caulking cracks in walls and ensuring that hardwoods are vacuumed thoroughly to remove any traces of infestation, including eggs, is one of the way a professional can help eliminate a bed bug infestation.

Partnering with a professional extermination company can help the consumer to ensure that the bed bugs don’t return. The professional grade tools and materials which Ershad’s uses are the key to a one treatment removal of bed bugs.