Common Household Pests And Their Risks

Homeowners are forced to familiarize themselves with a wide variety of different pests. Many critters are just waiting to penetrate your home’s barrier and take shelter inside of your home. Before this happens, it is a good idea to sit down and learn about the most common types of household pests. Although they’re all somewhat similar, the differentials are numerous. Below, you will learn about the most common household pests and the risks they post.


Cockroaches are one of the most common critters pest control companies exterminate. These filthy little creatures are capable of surviving in the harshest of conditions and a little bit of food goes a long way. They can survive on tiny bits of scraps for a long duration. Roaches are unsightly, hideous and very dangerous. They can make your family sick, since they’ve been known to transmit diseases!


Although your local pest exterminator will agree that ants are far less dangerous than roaches, they can still be very problematic. These pests come in hordes and getting rid of them can be nearly impossible. They’re so small that it is easy for them to slip into the small cracks. So, you shouldn’t be surprised to find ants in your potato chips and other bagged items. Thankfully, they’re not known to transmit disease.


The bedbug is another annoyance many homeowners will have to deal with. They feed on human blood and will bite their victims. Surprisingly though, they do not transmit disease. Nonetheless, the presence of bedbugs in your home can definitely take a toll on you and your family members. And unfortunately, the only surefire way to exterminate bedbugs is by hiring a professional.