josh ershad Developing the world’s most technologically advanced and scientifically based pest management firm has been Josh Ershad’s goal since he was a young boy. His ability to combine the boyish love of bugs with the nerdy ability to scientifically develop chemical weapons was a concern to his parents throughout his younger years.

They were afraid that his ability to micro-engineer death for the insect communities of his back yard was a harbinger of a socially maladjusted personality. Little did they know that Josh was experimenting in the arena that would change the world, and bring him fame and fortune.

The science behind Josh’s experiments led to several new discoveries that have helped humankind advance. Not only in terms of eliminating the nuisance pests that trouble the first world countries, but also in the hopes of helping third world countries that have health and wellbeing concerns related to pest management.

Josh understood that the same techniques which would help the richer nations would also benefit the poor nations, and he created a manufacturing environment that was unlike anything anyone had seen before.

Josh’s inventions excited the pest management community and gave his parents a much needed sigh of relief! Today Ershad’s Pest Control in New York City is one of the leaders in the industry, partners with Bed Bug Exterminator Brooklyn